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Meet the Tutors

Amanda Becerra

Hey everyone! My name is Amanda Becerra and I am one of the AVID tutors for Washington STEAM Multilingual Academy, for almost 2 years now. I was born and raised here in Pasadena just like many of our students. I went to Norma Coombs Alternative School and then to Pasadena High School. I attended U.C. Santa Barbara and received my Bachelor's degree in Global Studies, minored in Math & Science Education. I know all the students will make it to their dream school as long as they explore and find their passions.

Chelo Lages-Osuna

My name is Chelo Lages-Osuna and I have been an AVID tutor at Washington STEAM Multilingual Academy since March 2019. I started my undergraduate journey at Pasadena City College where I earned multiple A.A. degrees in foreign languages and finished at UCLA with a B.A. in Spanish & Linguistics and a minor in Japanese. I aim to eventually go back for a Master’s and/or a Ph.D. once I can finally settle on an idea relating to linguistics. My professors were extraordinarily encouraging. I want to provide the same encouragement and passion I received from my college professors to WSMA students.

As for my experience in education: I was a Spanish tutor at PCC; I taught English as a second language to adults as part as my field work at UCLA; I was an auxiliar de conversación (English language assistant) in Madrid, Spain mainly for primary school students in English, science and art classes. 

As for outside of school, I enjoy: food, languages, doodling, reading, and skating. Se habla español. 日本語も話せます。On ne parle pas français. 

Jordan McGehee

Hello WSMA Bears! My name is Jordan McGehee. I'm a tutor for the AVID elective here at Washington STEAM Multilingual Academy! I’m glad to be a part of the bear community. I was born and raised in Pasadena, California and graduated from Pasadena High School. I moved to Portland Oregon for college and went to Portland Community College for 1 year before I transferred to Portland State University where I studied Psychology and Social Science! Feel free to always say hello!