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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

 Are there honors courses? How can my child get into honors courses?

Yes, OEB offers honors tracks. These students will typically share the same core classes throughout the day. Until new State testing is rolled out, the administration will research a child’s cumulative, behavior, and attendance record for potential placement in the honors track.

What electives are offered at OEB? How many electives can a child choose?

OEB offers five electives:  Glee Club and Instrumental Music. Students choose an elective on a semesterly basis.

What is the Glee club? How can my child get into it?

Glee Club, or choir, is an elective offered to students on a semesterly basis. Space is limited so not every child that selects Glee as their first elective choice is enrolled.

How are the arts incorporated into the curriculum?

Art is incorporated in a variety of ways at OEB. For instance, art in Language Arts may include designing a Powerpoint presentation on a Chromebook, in math it might be sketching a 3D picture of an accessible ramp they envision, in History, students may sketch ancient hieroglyphs, and in our Arts elective class, students might be painting a volcano exploding or other natural disasters that tie into our first-semester survival theme.