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Meet the Teachers


Justin Skycak

Justin Skycak has been working with Math Academy in various capacities for the past couple of years. He currently teaches Integrated Math 1/2 and AP Calculus BC at OEB Magnet, as well as Computation & Modeling and Machine Learning at Pasadena High School, and is extensively involved in developing content and algorithms for Math Academy's online math learning system. Justin earned his BS in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame, his MS in Computer Science (Machine Learning) from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and has done plenty of interesting things with math, including working as a data scientist, modeling the human brain, and completing two particle physics research projects that improved CERN and Fermilab particle detectors. To learn more about Justin, you can visit his site at -- but the basic idea is: if you want to learn how to do cool stuff with math, then he's your guy!

Dr. Kyle Chapman earned his Ph.D. from UC Santa Barbara. He has been working as a postdoc at the University of Georgia, where he taught courses ranging from precalculus and calculus to game theory and graph theory. His research papers cover topics of knot theory, geometry, and random sampling algorithms. He has a passion for teaching, has won an award for teaching, and looks forward to sharing his love of math with his students.