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Octavia E. Butler News

Here are links to articles about Octavia E. Butler, Octavia E. Butler Magnet, and Octavia E. Butler Library!

The Visions of Octavia Butler - article in the NY Times by Lynell George featuring our mural

If you are new to Octavia Butler, this article is a great jumping off point. Lynell George does a fantastic job of putting her work into context and helping us to understand why she is so influential. Engaging visuals from artist Ainslee Robson make the article come alive.

A Pasadena school is the nation’s first named after Octavia Butler — and it’s her alma mater

This article from 19th News features interviews from Dr. Shannon Malone and other community members. 

Octavia Butler Honored by Pasadena School, Inducted Into National Women's Hall of Fame

An article about our school renaming and Octavia E. Butler's induction into the Women's Hall of Fame. 


An article featuring our mural by Lynell George about Octavia's life in our community. 

New Mural Turning Heads in Altadena

An article about another local mural featuring Butler. 

Pasadena School Board Approves Resolution Renaming Washington Middle School to Octavia E. Butler Mag

An article about the PUSD Board decision to rename the school after Octavia E. Butler.

Mars’ Perseverance Landing Site Named After Science Fiction Author Octavia E. Butler

Smithsonian's reporting on the Octavia E. Butler Landing on Mars.

Welcome to ‘Octavia E. Butler Landing’

An article detailing Octavia E. Butler Landing on Mars.

Washington STEAM Opens New Sci-Fi Writing Contest

An article about our Science Fiction Contest.