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Program Overview

We are excited to offer the only STEAM-integrated Spanish Dual Language Immersion program at the secondary level in Pasadena Unified.

Our program is based on a two-way model, meaning that classrooms are composed of both English-dominant and Spanish-dominant speakers. Students support each other in their development of both languages.
Students advance their language skills by taking two or more classes in Spanish each year, including history and Spanish Language Arts.
Specialized arts and STEAM courses including musical theatre and orchestra are offered as after-school electives.

Some of our program features:

  • Spanish Language Arts (6th-8th grades)
  • Ancient Civilizations (6th grade) taught in Spanish
  • World History (7th grade) taught in Spanish
  • U.S. History (8th grade) taught in Spanish
  • The opportunity for our students to take an optional 7th-period elective: Orchestra, Glee Club (Choir/Musical Theatre Production)

Program Goals:

Bilingualism and Bi-literacy: Students develop a high level of thinking, listening, speaking, reading, and writing proficiency in the English and Spanish.
Academic Excellence: Students strive for academic excellence in all subject areas, meeting or exceeding District and Common Core State Standards.
Multicultural Understanding: Students develop positive attitudes and appreciation toward world languages and cultures in our global society, promoting their involvement in world issues.