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Octavia E. Butler Magnet (OEB) provides an innovative signature program in Northwest Pasadena that nurtures a diverse cadre of students who are equipped with the communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills necessary to be successful in matriculating to high school. WSMA students will promote to high school with a passion for extensive experiences in discovering, inventing, and designing. OEB will be a school where all students are engaged in learning rigorous standards-based curriculum and skills that are relevant, supplied with the resources and technology for success. 
We will provide an inclusive STEAM program to add innovation and imagination by employing highly trained, qualified teachers. We will increase student enrolment and equip Washington STEAM Multilingual Academy students with the critical 21st required for successful citizenship. OEB will engage students by maintaining a rigorous, integrated, problem-based learning environment. WSMA will provide an interdisciplinary curriculum that infuses Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics to understand complex problems, develop potential solutions, and prepare the next generation of innovators.